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  • Kate
    Bryan V.
    31 Jul 2020

    Fantastic toy rental place. The whole process was very easy and reasonable, from the pick up, using the Jet Skis, the terms and conditions, and the return. This Jet Ski was perfect for cruising around.

  • Kate
    Jake P.
    24 Jul 2020

    This is a great way to enjoy some time off! We took the Jet Skis out to Lake Powell for a few days with some friends, 100% worth it!!

  • Kate
    Cam J.
    12 Aug 2020

    Had an amazing time with the wake surf, the heavy ballast makes it a great ride. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a great looking wake boarding boat

  • Kate
    Michael A.
    04 Jul 2020

    Had a great time at Deer Creek with the family. I will be renting from them again.

  • Kate
    Kelly P.
    10 Oct 2020

    This was perfect. I only needed a Trailer for 1 day to move some things out of storage. This was quick and simple. Now its time for me to rent a boat.

  • Kate
    Adam S.
    16 Sep 2020

    This RZR was a blast. It was exactly what we needed. We will be using EmptyWeekend again in the future.

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